Rita Jane -♥- (toxic_fantasy_x) wrote,
Rita Jane -♥-


When something unplesent happens, it is easy to push away and shut off the world. But they were really your friends do you think they could really hate you? And as for people thinking people who are 'loose' or 'sluty' (I've been told some people see ME that way), I think they are sometimes just envious that you know how to get along with people so well. You must be very beautiful and attractive... and I believe a girl does not HAVE to have sexual relations unless she CHOOSES to, so I would tell anyone else to get their minds out of the gutter.

Guys are always like that, they are little boys sometimes. We all strugle with our inner natures, sometimes even feel guilty or even silly, we are all growing and coming into adulthood, but you know what? Thats a natural thing. As for me I don't like guys, unless they have some degree of self control, and awareness that they want the best for their friends and not for themselves...but I hope I can be a good friend too...

Stolen from dreaming_rei
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